Dirty Dave Osti
2010 - Voodoo Guitar 320
"Voodoo Guitar", the way-kool debut studio disc by this bad-ass, killer blues/rock axeripper from Los Angeles, features 10 tracks of hard-assed, get-down, nasty, rough & ready, blues-based heavy guitar power trio riffage that will rock your low-down blues and kick your ass right into the next county. Dirty Dave Osti is a bonafide blues/rock guitar hero who can rip it hard with the best of them. The man gets down to serious six string business and rocks the blues with wild abandon as the Dirty One cuts loose and goes for the throat nailing down each muscular riff with sheer force and relentless groove. Osti knows when to jam hard and when to kick back @ the shack for an unforgettable, dynamic, blues/rock guitar ride. Fierce and powerful blues-based heavy guitar riffage rules in the world of Dirty Dave Osti. Best known for playing and contributing the bulk of the riffage on the Gentlemen's Blues Club discs, "Voodoo Guitar" is pure, unadultered Dirty Dave Osti strat-slingin' "mojo" to the bluesy core.
The Dirty Dave Osti: "Voodoo Guitar" disc is a killer Grooveyard approved slice of bad-ass, blues/rock riffage that is Highly recommended to fans of James Marshall Hendrix, Trower, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, SRV, Michael Katon, Jay Hooks, Guitar Pete, Lance Lopez, Wes Jeans, Clas Yngstrom (Sky High), Buddaheads & Gentlemen's Blues Club, among other outstanding, killer, blues-based heavy guitar rockers. This is the kind of Riffage your Mama warned you about!!! Look out, cuz' "Voodoo Guitar" is gonna get ya!!! (http://www.grooveyardrecords.com/dirtydaveostivoodooguitar-.html)

Impossível parar de ouvir essa porra. Acho que meu amigo Edson "botafogo" Aquino vai chapar. ROCK ON

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Full artcover

"Eterno Amor"

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