2011 - Hard Beat (1971-77) 320
Originating from Indonesia’s second largest city, Surabaya, East Java, AKA is an acronym of Apotik Kali Asin. Starting off their careers as an infamous local band with notorious crowd pleasing antics, AKA regularly went through repertoires of Steppenwolf, Grand Funk Railroad, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Three Dog Night before finding a significant audience outside their home city. It was soon after that the band signed with a Jakarta based label, Indra Records that they started producing a steady release of albums, including 11 studio lp’s and a couple of compilations. The lead singer Ucok Harahap -who famously idolizes James Brown- is perhaps the most notorious rock performer in Indonesia’s pop history, infamous for brandishing (amongst others) coffins, whips and stripping naked on stage during performances. Sadly due to recording English based, heavy- psychedelic/progressive funk, AKA’s music failed to gain popularity at the time of it’s release. Today, AKA is recognized as one of Indonesia’s top rock bands of all time, and for good reason. With this release, we are proud to offer an Anthology encompassing AKA’s heaviest & funkiest moments. Licensed with the help of Benny Soebardja and AKA drummer Syech Abidin, this is a limited edition, one time pressing housed in an old-style paste on gatefold sleeve. Double vinyl LP with band photo’s & liner notes, CD housed in old-style gatefold sleeve with insert. Close to 70 minutes of incredible music without any weak moments. 


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the6070Rock disse...

Full artcover



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Márcio Miranda diz:

6070Rock obrigado por compartilhar
esse álbum-Rock dessa banda da Indonésia, muito boa que ficou muito tempo no obscuridade como tantas outras ficarão, mas graças a roqueiros como você esse álbum coletânea está vendo a luz do SOL-DIA. Obrigadão

Márcio disse...

Márcio Miranda Diz: 14/03/2014 [Sexta feira] - À 01h27min [Local]

6070 Rock obrigado por compartilhar está coletânea de rock da Indonésia, que ficou muito
tempo na obscuridade, mas graças a roqueiros como você, essas músicas puderam ver a luz do SOL-DIA, Valeu, Obrigadão.

Sergey disse...

thanks a lot! nice band