2012 - An Underground Trip (1968-73) 320

Compilação de singles encontrados, com certa dificuldadade, no bom e velho Slsk. Psicodelia e peso ao longo de 24 faixas, o que tornou o arquivo muito grande, então optei por fazer via TORRENT.

NOVO LINK, pois o primeiro deu ruim (foi mal...)

3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Why only torrents links?
I know some people use them, but many of us cannot.
Could you add download links too?

the6070Rock disse...

Hi Serge, thanks for the visit.

About links the answer is simple.

The torrents force people to share too. So, if you like get free music, why not help all music lovers sharing too ? When a blogger makes download links it's just a boring monologue. This time over. If you stop the torrent, the torrent will die. It's not more my responsibility keep it live, now you are the responsability too.


Anônimo disse...

I understand the principle, and see the value in the connecting of music lovers, but in many countries around the world, such as mine, torrents are blocked by Internet Service Providers, and so i can not use them.