Kimla Taz
2001 - Kimla Taz (1968-76) 256

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the6070Rock disse...

Psychedelic sounds with a hard rock edge from Israel


zappahead disse...

Well well well...what a suprise to see this on a thing you havent got right...there not from israel but....cardiff wales....used to see them play locally years ago and knew the guitarist well....tich gwilum who sadly died in a house fire a few years back....but thanks for the share as this is a real rare album...all the best to you and thanks once again.

the6070Rock disse...

Cardiff Wales UK, thanks ZapHead !!!

Sadness disse...

Hi 6070Rock, have you started another ask invite blog..66rock????

thanks for Taz..quite good and thanks for it

Anônimo disse...

thanks - steve

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