Fille de Joie by the6070rock

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the6070Rock disse...

Hard rock from French


Lowbit artcover


bigfootkit disse...

Hi 6070Rock,
i was wondering if you have the "Rock & By God Roll" album by WITS END.
You had 2 songs from it streaming here a while back and the songs were so good i have to hear the full album.
Great work here as always my friend, keep the great music coming,
best wishes,

Crotchbat disse...

HOLY SHIT!!! I've been looking for a good rip of this for AGES. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you...


bigfootkit disse...

Thanks for the reply,
that's too bad you don't have it, but i'll continue searching regardless.
If i ever track it down i'll pass it on,
best wishes,